Solar Off-Grid Rylstone. We recently experienced a situation where a couple from the Central Tablelands of NSW made the big decision to go Off-Grid for their new home. This is not a light decision to make as there is a lot to consider before going Off-Grid. But what if you are put in a situation where the cost of having the grid connected to your out of town property was to cost too much such that you could not afford to build.

Connecting to the grid is very expensive

The costs of having the grid put onto your property are often very steep. After receiving a quote from Essential Energy for a grid connection for their new home on the outskirts of the historic town of Rylstone, the couple decided there had to be a better, more affordable option to having reliable power.  And after doing some research they opted for a Stand-Alone Power System using quality components from a local supplier.

Using the right equipment

Renewable Power Systems was invited by the sales company to complete the installation of the Remote Power System and four days later there was light!  With the utmost care, we installed a 5.7 kW rooftop solar array utilizing Yingli bifacial solar modules which are coupled to an SMA Sunny Boy solar inverter with an SMA Sunny Island battery inverter matched to a 48-volt Outback GEL maintenance free battery bank – all of which is top quality gear.

The savings comparison

The savings that the young folks made by going Off Grid was close to $30K over the grid connect option. We don’t always advocate that people should go Off-Grid but what we do say is that if you are in a situation where the grid connection means you can’t afford to build or you just want grid independence, then you should look at alternatives. When you compare the costs of both options over a ten year period you may find that an Off-Grid system just may be the right choice. But always make sure you talk to the right people for reliable advice. If you are Looking to go Off-Grid here are a few things that you should look for.

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