We are experts in Solar Bore Pumps, Water Irrigation and Renewable Power Systems.

Renewable Power Systems are leaders in providing solutions for water irrigation and pumping systems within the Mudgee and Central New South Wales region along with Bendigo in Victoria. Be it solar bore pumps, submersible or surfaced solar pumps, solar electric fences, high-quality generators or even an off-grid solar system. We will make sure that our customers are satisfied and that their system will last for a long time.

We only use the best products so we can create the most reliable system for your application. Renewable Power Systems are a LORENTZ distributor of Submersible Solar Pumps and Surface Solar Pumps as well as using manufactures such as; Selectronic, Plasmatronic, Latronic, Sun Gate Australia, Soma etc.

We Provide integrated proposals and planning, equipment procurement, construction and maintenance of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) energy projects, aiming at the maximum return on each investment.

Renewable Power Systems offers an extensive range of energy systems and remote power solutions including:

Submersible & Surface Solar Pumps

If you need a pumping system for stock water, irrigation, drinking water or swimming pool filtration, we supply the best products from the world leaders. Our Lorentz pumps are considered some of the best on the market, coming from the German-engineered market leader which is renowned for its durability and efficient products. For over 25 years Lorentz has been considered as the respected brand and is now supplied to more than 100 countries around the world. Renewable Power Systems offer this quality to all our customers as a replacement or a part of a full system.

Lorentz Submersible & Surface Solar Pumps

WATERBOY Solar Pumps

Solar Mill Solar Pumps

More of our Solar Pump Installations

Lorentz PS2-1800 Pump Installation

Lorentz PS600 Solar Pump Installation