Going Off-Grid

There are definitely many advantages to going Off-Grid. Things like avoiding the costs associated with getting the grid connected to your outer town dwelling. Not to mention the satisfaction that you will have complete power independence without ongoing power bills. However, there are always pitfalls to going Off-Grid. So here are some key points to keep in mind if you or somebody you know are planning to go Off-Grid:

  • Don’t leave the power system as an after-thought. Plan ahead and set a realistic budget so you can have a reliable power system appropriately sized for your needs.
  • Buy from a company who is reasonably local to your location, who is able to provide prompt after-sales support & maintenance.
  • Purchase the best quality equipment you can afford for your power system such as Selectronic, SMA, Victron, Latronics, etc. Performance & reliability are a must!

Reliable power is important

In today’s day and age going without reliable power just isn’t an option, Renewable Power Systems provide a complete package of;

  • Consultation & Design
  • Supply & Installation
  • Service & Maintenance

All to relevant Australian Standards such as AS4509 Stand Alone Power Systems. Give our office a call on (02) 5314 5604 or 0427 221 021.

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