Off-Grid Solar systems Mudgee and Bendigo

Whether you are in Central NSW, be it Mudgee or surrounding areas or in the Bendigo area of Victoria,โ€‹ we can help you with the right solar power system. Solar energy is a great investment. If you are looking for an off Off-Grid Solar system in Central NSW or Bendigo we can help you.

Off-Grid Systems

Want or need to be off grid? These systems work independently from the electricity grid. They are complicated as they use more components because there is no grid. They rely on a backup energy source (generally a generator) and can add many other components such as Batteries, Wind turbines, depending on the need. They are often an essential part of many rural locations. In some situations where you are in a new estate or on the outskirts of town it may become too expensive to have the grid line installed. In the cases an off-grid system can be installed to give total independent energy.

The type of systems we design and install

There are several systems that you can have in your home or business and they are:

Grid Connect Solar Systems

Simply put this is a system that is connected to the electricity grid and has solar panels on the roof (or most appropriate place). The sun shines on the panels and produces free electricity for you to use. When the creation of power is more than your consumption then the excess energy feeds into the grid. This can allow you to have money paid to you by the electricity supplier. Talk to us to find out how we can make this happen.

Hybrid Systems

A Hybrid system is like an on-grid system however you are adding batteries to store the excess power. In some situations, the feed-in is not that attractive so you are better off storing the solar-generated power for later use, for example at night when the sun is gone.

A bit more on Solar

Solar panels, also called solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, use sunlight to generate electricity. Renewable Power systems have helped many of our customers to generate clean power and help reduce energy bills.

So how much Solar should you get?

This question can only be answered by knowing the amount of energy that you use. Donโ€™t get caught out by signing up to cheap deals and special offers. We are honest and give you a full assessment that way we can inform you of everything you need to know. The amount of electricity solar panels generate depends on several factors, including the climate, the angle and size of the panels, and whether they are installed on a north-facing roof. You should consider all of these factors when you weigh up the costs of a solar panel installation. Some systems can be expensive and any problems with installation or repairs can add significant extra cost. You should also consider how rebates and feed-in tariffs will contribute to the return on your investment.

Before you sign you sign up to with a Solar company talk to us about the better choices you can be making.