Some of Our Off-Grid Installations

Over the many years we have been in operations we have Installed numerous Off-Grid systems. Here are just an example of what we can achieve.

Ravenswood, VIC. SAPS Installation

 This installation was completed when we were working in the Bendigo area.

 The reason that Our customer went Off-Grid was that their next door neighbour made it too difficult and expensive for them to get power on to their property.

 The installation consists of a 6.0kW solar array coupled to a 6.0kW ABB solar inverter, 48Volt/1500Ah BAE lead acid GEL battery bank and a Selectronic SP Pro SPMC 482 – 48V/7.5kW inverter charger.

Rushworth Stand-alone Power System

Here is a couple of photos of the recently completed Stand-alone Power System.

Our customer have lived Off Grid for many years, this installation uses 26x Canadian 300watt solar modules (total installed capacity: 7.8kW), 1x Selectronic certified 6.0kW ABB UNO solar inverter, 1x Selectronic SP Pro SPMC480 (3.5kW/48V) inverter charger with SelectLive remote monitoring and 16kWh of PowerPlus Energy ECO Self-Managed Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery bank.


Reliable power is important

In today’s day and age going without reliable power just isn’t an option, Renewable Power Systems provide a complete package of;

  • Consultation & Design
  • Supply & Installation
  • Service & Maintenance

All to relevant Australian Standards such as AS4509 Stand Alone Power Systems. Give our office a call on (02) 5314 5604 or 0427 221 021.

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