Farm Water Pumps

The Farm

We have a mixture of beef, sheep, and cropping. There have been some very dry times over the last 10 years. At some stages, we were close to running out of water. We have about 250 cattle, which in the heat of summer they each drink 50 to 70 litres a day. That’s a lot of water.

Why did you need the pumps?

We used to have windmills as we needed to pump water a long distance. Our situation is that we have a dam on the lower part of the paddock. The pumps pump water up to a higher plain and gravity flow takes the water to troughs on the rest of the farm.

The problem with windmills is their regular need for maintenance. Which is okay, as much of the maintenance you can do yourself, but you are working with heights and that can be dangerous. This made it a two-man job and I didn’t always have that luxury, so it is difficult.

Why Solar Pumps?

I thought I would look at it in a more modern way. I looked at firefighter pumps, but they are expensive and you have to turn them on and off and constant monitoring of fuel and oil levels. So, we looked at Solar pumps. The pumps we installed are stand-alone and are self-controlling. They turn on and off when needed. On a hot sunny day, the pumps kick in and start pumping more water. They were installed 12 years ago. I vowed not to go back to a windmill.

Why did you choose Renewable Power Systems?

Paul is so honest in his approach. He is knowledgeable on solar pumps and solar power and was willing to explain them in detail, telling me what he was doing, therefore, giving me greater confidence and knowledge on the pumps and the system. If something goes wrong, he knows exactly how to fix it. He comes in promptly, so we are never waiting.   Once we had to replace some damaged wiring (caused by a flood), Paul dropped everything and fixed it promptly. I would go with him any day.

The quality

We knew Paul had quality products. We have had this farm in the family since 1890 that’s over 128 years and 5 family generations. We have been around for a long time so when we buy something we want it to last. When I buy I do it for the next generation in mind. I’m not just driven by price. I want the best quality for the best price. I want to set and forget. I don’t want to be coming up against the same problems over and over again.  When I look for someone to supply me with something I just want honesty, responsiveness and of course quality, Paul fit the picture.

Being looked after

The warranty on the pumps was for 15 years. The unit on the farm worked for 9 years before something went wrong, the controller had to be replaced. This wasn’t anyone’s fault as it was a lightning strike that damaged it. To get it replaced was fantastic.

With Paul, his word is his bond. He tells it straight.

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