When it comes to doing something we aim to get it right. Be it solar bore pumps, submersible or surfaced solar pumps, solar electric fences, high quality generators or even an off-grid solar system. We will make sure that our customers are satisfied and that their system will last for a long time.

From our humble beginning many years ago Renewable Power Systems always had an interest in Stand-alone Power Systems. This interest led to a small installation for our bush block, this passion gave us the opportunity to help other people move away from 100% reliance on a generator on to Stand-alone systems. We enjoy bringing the various components of a power system together and making them work, we also got a kick out of the delight of the other people enjoyment of having reliable power without the need for their noisy generators.

Renewable Power Systems was officially established in 1999.

We have a strong belief that there are more important things in life than simply just doing the job. We have a strong need to do the right thing. In this case, the right thing is making something that lasts.


We have the following uncompromising principals:

  • Provide a solution that will last
  • Culture of helping people and doing the right thing
  • Create systems and solutions that
    • Works properly and not just “Gerry rigged” to create a band aid
    • Satisfaction in what we do
    • Do a good job by doing everything right
  • Create an energy system that is quiet, comfortable and secure
  • The customer must be satisfied

we do what we do

We believe that to do a good job you must do things right. An energy system must be a full solution and not something that is just pulled together. If a system is to be of benefit “it should last”.

we do what we do

We take the time to find out what is needed then design a system that provides the best result.

do we do

We design and install energy systems and solutions with quality products to ensure that it will last way beyond our initial involvement.



Help the customer to steer away from what “they think they need”. Often people don’t understand what the real solution and this will lead to an expensive wasted effort. We educate you to know how you can help yourself in the future.


A personalised approach to every customer and their possible solution


We are the experts in this field and thus we advise on the right solution

Our products have been selected from manufacturers that have a reputation for producing quality and reliable products; they also back up their products and their re-sellers.

What our customers are saying

“I found Renewable Power Systems to be easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the different equipment available including the pros and cons for each.

Great job and better still it does all I need it to.”

Paul Woodford

PFW Electrical Pty Ltd

“The prompt, honest service we have received from Renewable Power Systems has been excellent. We have no problem recommending the LORENTZ solar pumps supplied and installed by Renewable Power Systems to anyone, as we have already done so to our neighbours. Now they have one too!”

Phil & Lora Hocking

“Their advice on the technical aspects of what equipment to purchase meant we got a high-quality system for the capacity we required and at the best price. His installation standards were excellent with no compromise on safety and or the required legislated standards.  The system was installed 14 years ago and is still going strong – a good testament to Paul’s workmanship.”

David King Senior

Senior Mining Engineer, Centennial Coal Company Limited