Off-Grid Central Tablelands NSW

Solar Off-Grid Rylstone. We recently experienced a situation where a couple from the Central Tablelands of NSW made the big decision to go Off-Grid for their new home. This is not a light decision to make as there is a lot to consider before going Off-Grid. But what...

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Why a cattle farmer needed water pumps

Farm Water Pumps The Farm We have a mixture of beef, sheep, and cropping. There have been some very dry times over the last 10 years. At some stages, we were close to running out of water. We have about 250 cattle, which in the heat of summer they each drink 50 to 70...

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Reasons why I wanted to go off grid

Why go off-grid? There were two reasons why I wanted to go off grid, firstly to be environmental and renewable energy was big on my mind. The other reason was that my property is on the outskirts of town and it was going to cost a similar amount to get electricity to...

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