Solar Mill Pumps

We supply the Solar Mill range of pumps. If you are in a remote area you may need a water pump that is dependable and easily maintained. These Solar Mill pumps are designed deliberately as a low-tech product, so it is easy to operate requiring very little attention. Occasionally the seals need to be checked, and someone needs to give the stuffing box a few squirts of grease. Most of the components are at ground level for easy access.

Replacement parts

They also have inexpensive replacement parts. So, once you’ve purchased your system, there is little to worry about later. The system’s electrical components are simple “plug in” units, easily removed for checking, and requiring little in the way of electrical know how.

Accessories include pressure and float switches to turn pumps on and off, so you can automate your water delivery system and concentrate on the more profitable areas of your business.


• Non-corroding pump components
• Light sensitive sun tracker
• Plug in electronic components
• Power maximiser
• Low tech product
• Key operating parts located one metre
• above ground
• 20-year Warranty on solar panels
• 2 Year System Warranty
• Automated operation
• Demountable solar array
• “Off the shelf” nitrile seals
• Hollow PVC rod on bore pump


• Long life, and tolerant of brackish water
• Optimises solar energy by tracking sunlight in all light conditions
• No electrical expertise is required
• Increases water output (by up to 60 per cent when combined with a tracker)
• Easy to operate and troubleshoot, requires minimal maintenance, replacement parts are inexpensive, maintenance costs are low
• No risk of damage from water
• Easy to access for inspection and maintenance
• Safe to work on
• Major investment protected
• Peace of mind
• Reduced supervision
• Can be removed for safe storage when required
• Cheap and readily available
• Light and easy to pull when seal needs replacement