Some of Our Solar Pump Installations

Over the many years we have been in operations we have Installed numerous Solar pump systems. Here are just an example of what we can achieve.

Rathscar, VIC. Lorentz PS2-1800 Pump Installation

This installation of a Lorentz PS2-1800 solar pumping system was installed November 2019. Our customer’s first Lorentz Solar Pump (PS-600) was installed over 18 years ago and is still going strong.

Our customer purchased a new block of land and by installing a header tank on top of a hill he will be able to supply water to the whole property. This pump system gave them the required water to that header we selected a Lorentz PS2-1800 solar submersible pump installed on a dam float.

They are growers of organic grains – producing both cereal and fodder crops and sheep producing fine wool. Rathscar is located about 20km north west of the Central Goldfields town of Maryborough.

Elong Elong, NSW. Lorentz Solar Pump Installation

This Solar Pump system is a Lorentz PS600 solar pump installation completed March 2020.

Our customer had purchased the property mid-2019. The original bore with the windmill installation collapsed. The previous owners had a new bore installed and opted for a diesel pump and later installed a cheap solar pump as well.

On our customer’s arrival, the existing solar pump was dead and the diesel pump was on its last legs. So they contacted us as he was well and truly over the time and effort required to get the diesel pump operating. The water was needed to fill the properties header tanks which supply water to household usage (drinking, bathing, gardens, etc.) and for stock watering.

Their next-door neighbour recommended us as we had helped him out with parts to fix his Waterboy solar pump (pump not supplied by us).
We discussed our solar pump offerings (Waterboy & Lorentz) and Alan opted for the Lorentz PS2-600 system which more than adequately does the required job.


A reliable water system is important

In today’s day and age going without a reliable water system just isn’t an option, Renewable Power Systems provide a complete package of;

  • Consultation & Design
  • Supply & Installation
  • Service & Maintenance

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