Waterboy 3HRSS-200 Installation

Another Waterboy 3HRSS-200 installation this time it is in Hepburn Victoria. This system was originally set up to pump water from a dam to the residential location on a small 20-acre farmlet. The pump was not originally supplied nor installed by Renewable Power Systems; however, the client contacted us to ask if we would have a look at it because the original supplier/installer had not been able to get the pump to work even after several attempts and had stopped responding to the customers’ request to come back.


A site visit was needed

We attended the site and our testing identified that the wiring of the solar modules was incorrect, creating reverse polarity.  To explain, reverse polarity occurs when the terminals and the cables are incorrectly connected. Meaning the negative is connected to the positive and the positive to the negative. When polarity is reversed the current is going in the wrong direction.


Reverse polarity

Reverse polarity has the potential to damage connected equipment and in certain circumstances can result in a person receiving an electric shock if they were to come into contact with exposed conductive materials on an installation.


Waterboy pump controllers are reverse polarity protected

Thankfully the Waterboy pump controllers are reverse polarity protected and therefore this unit was not damaged, also the solar power side of this installation is operating in the Extra Low Voltage range which greatly reduces the risk of anybody receiving an electric shock.

Due to being incorrectly connected the pump was not working.


Always use the Right Installer

We rewired the pump system and had the water on the move for the customer in no time. The Waterboy 3HRSS-200 system is transferring water from a lower dam to a second dam located near the house where it is then pressurized by an electric pressure pump for watering the lawns and gardens around the house. Happy customer. It just goes to show that sometimes it pays to use a specialised installer especially if you want good clean water.


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