Why buy a waterless composting toilet?

To Save Water

Each year a typical home contaminates and flushes 35,000 litres of drinking water down the toilet and into sewers. Ecoflo composting toilets do not need water, conserving this precious resource and saving you money in the process.

To Save Money

Our composting toilets and primary treatment grey water systems have minimal electrical costs, few moving parts, no pumps and do not require service or maintenance contracts. When compared to other wastewater management systems (such as aerated wastewater treatment systems) this represents an ongoing annual saving of $500 – $1,000 and is on top of the savings from a significantly lower initial investment and the opportunity to install lower capacity water tanks.

To Be Self-Sufficient

With a waterless composting toilet, greywater system, rainwater tank, compost pile, urine collection and solar system your house and garden can be entirely self-sufficient when it comes to water, waste management, fertiliser and energy.

To Add Value to Your Home

Just as water tanks add value to your home, so do waterless composting toilets, as we all strive to minimise water consumption and conserve resources.

“A water-wise home will attract a premium and may become the major contribution to achieving a sale.” – Leading property developer

For Environmental Benefits

Waste from flushing toilet systems attached to on-site wastewater treatment plants is normally treated with harmful chemicals for disinfection and consume so much energy in aerating and pumping that normal domestic solar power systems cannot handle the load. Ecoflo’s waterless composting toilets use a natural biological process, are environmentally-friendly and help return nutrients to the soil. Most systems consume minimal electrical power.

Domestic Wastewater Solutions

Why buy something that is too large for your current needs? Ecoflo offers the opportunity to start with a low-cost small scale unit and expand capacity later without needing to buy a whole new waterless composting toilet.

Easy to Install

Relative to the type of home construction and space available, many of our competitors’ products are large and cumbersome. Ecoflo offers split systems (composter under the floor) and large capacity self-contained units (the entire unit is above the floor). We have low profile split system composting toilets requiring just 650 mm clearance between the ground and the bathroom floor. Many people prefer the look of a split system. Our footprint under the bathroom is the smallest on the market.

Low Maintenance

Other manufacturers specialise in either batch or continuous process waterless composting toilets. We offer both types plus a hybrid.

Attractive Toilet Pedestals

Unique to Ecoflo are beautifully designed waterless toilet pedestals which resemble the style of “normal flushing toilets”, but without that ugly and wasteful water cistern. We have both classical and modern style pedestals.

Our products have been selected from manufacturers that have a reputation for producing quality and reliable products; they also back up their products and their re-sellers.